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Our Ethos of Care

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As professional nurses of Ashmore Nursing Home Ltd., supported by our caring team, we are committed to providing comprehensive care to all our patients. The aims of our care is to promote good health, ensuring recovery from illness or injury, providing appropriate rehabilitation and support, treating the individual with sensitivity and respect.


We believe each patient is a unique person and as such is entitled to be treated with compassion, dignity, courtesy and understanding.


Each patient has individual needs, the patient, family and the nurse share the responsibility for identifying those needs.


The essence of good nursing practice is caring for the patient. Caring is a science and an art so therefore as nurses we are accountable for this practice which is based on knowledge, skills and defined standards. We must have a responsibility to educate ourselves and others to expand research-based knowledge for the greater benefit of our patients and of our community.


Our objectives:


1. To provide a safe and pleasant environment for all our patients.


2. To ensure all patients are treated as individuals and nursing care is provided accordingly.


3. To ensure that each patient is afforded compassion, dignity, courtesy and understanding.


4. To provide an appropriate skill mix of staff, in order to achieve optimum patient care.


5. To plan, develop and implement quality assurance programmes, which can be evaluated.


6. To stimulate improvement in nursing care through research-based practice.


7. To ensure that nursing management practice is responsive to the philosophy and objectives of the Home.


8. To enhance the well being of all staff by providing support, encouragement and appropriate advice.


9. To assist staff to achieve their expected objectives through the provision of planned and evaluated experiences.


10. To provide an atmosphere conducive to learning.


11. To promote a positive image of the nursing profession in the nursing home and in the community and to promote nursing as a career.


12. To foster interpersonal relationships between all staff, by developing effective communications within the Nursing Home.


13. To provide appropriate nursing advice in the operational performance of the nursing home, with emphasis on planning and effective use of resources.

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